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15 Best Fish Pokémon Of All Time



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Which fish Pokémon are the best of all time?

In the Pokémon world, there are plenty of fish Pokémon in the seas, rivers, and lakes.

But some are better and more well-known than others, and those are the ones you should look for.

If you want to add some fish Pokémon to your team, you won’t want to settle for just any fish Pokémon you catch.

We’ve put together a list of the best fish Pokémon from each generation so you can get the most useful ones to use in fight.

Our ranked lists are made by gathering information from the most reliable places on the web.

Here are the best fish Pokémon of all time, according to us.

15. Tynamo

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Tynamo

This Electric-type fish Pokémon was first seen in Generation V. It is the base form of Eeletrik and Eelektross.

It looks like an eel and is white. It has a smooth body and a big square mouth.

Even though it can’t make much electricity on its own, a bunch of Tynamo can make a shock as strong as a lightning bolt.

The best number this Pokémon has in its first form is a speed of 60, which isn’t very good.

But, like the other water-type ocean Pokémon on this list, the best reason to catch Tynamo is what it can become when it evolves.

14. Whiscash

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Whiscash

This Water/Ground fish Pokémon was introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Barboach.

This Pokémon looks like a happy catfish and has dark blue scales. It is not a dangerous sea creature, but it can cause big earthquakes and tell when natural ones will happen.

It lives at the bottom of swamps and ponds, and when it comes to other Pokémon, it can be very protective.

Whiscash has a good attack of 78 and a high HP of 110. It is only weak to Grass types, while Electric types can’t hurt it at all.

This Pokémon might not be one you go out of your way to catch, but if you find one in the Hoenn area, it’s worth keeping to train.

13. Relicanth

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Relicanth

Relicanth is a fish Pokémon that is both a Water and a Rock type. It was introduced to Pokémon fans in Gen III, and it doesn’t evolve.

It is called the “Longevity Pokémon” because it has hard, rocky scales that help it live deep in the water. It also has two strong fins that help it move along the seafloor.

This fish from the past has a pretty cool background, and its entry in the Pokémon Emerald Pokedex says that it was once thought to be extinct.

But it has been there the same way for 100 million years.

With an attack stat of 90 and a defense stat of 130, Relicanth is a great attacker.

It can hit pretty hard, but it can also take more hits from enemies than some other Pokémon.

Even though it has some weaknesses, it is strong generally because it can’t be hurt by Flying, Normal, Poison, Fire, or Ice types.

12. Qwilfish

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Qwilfish

This Water/Poison-type fish Pokémon, which looks a bit like a pufferfish, was first seen in Generation II. Like Relicanth, it is not known to change into anything else.

Qwilfish has sharp spikes all over its body, and when it strikes, it takes in more than 2.6 gallons of water to blow itself up. This ability gave it the name “Balloon Pokémon.”

The toxic quills are then shot at enemies with this water.

The attack skill of this balloon Pokémon is 95, and the speed skill is 85, which is good.

From Generation VII on, Qwilfish’s defense goes up by 10 points, from 75 to 85. This makes this creature a little bit better.

11. Lumineon

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Lumineon

This Water-type fish Pokémon evolved from Finneon. It has dark and light blue scales and flowing pectoral fins that look like butterfly wings.

It might be the most beautiful bright Pokémon that Sinnoh has to offer.

In Black & White, one of the best Pokémon games, the Pokedex description says that it crawls along the seafloor by pulling itself along with its front fins.

The best stat for Lumineon is its speed, which is 91, followed by its special defense, which is 86.

Only Grass and Electric types can hurt it. Steel, Fire, Ice, and other Water types can’t hurt it.

Even though it isn’t the biggest or most powerful, it can hold its own in a fight.

10. Carvanha

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Carvanha

This big Water/Dark-type fish Pokémon evolves into Sharpedo. It was introduced in Gen III.

This fish looks very tough and mean. It has sharp scales all over its body, razor-sharp teeth, and jaws that are so strong they can even tear steel in two.

It only attacks in groups of five or more, but it is very mean and drawn to the smell of blood. It causes a lot of trouble for swimmers in the Hoenn area.

This Pokémon isn’t one you want to mess with, and it has a good 90 attack, a 65 speed, and a 65 special attack.

Even though it has a lot of flaws, it makes up for them by having a lot of resistances. This makes it a flexible fighter that can use different strategies in different fights.

9. Lanturn

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Lanturn

Chinchou changes into Lanturn at level 27, and it keeps the antenna on its head that it uses to attract food.

These orbs give off light by taking in body fluids and letting them mix with special bacteria.

This fish Pokémon is called “The Deep-Sea Star” because the flash these stars make can sometimes be seen on the surface of the water.

Lanturn’s HP is 125, and both his special attack and defense are good at 76.

This fish-type Pokémon is only weak to Grass and Ground types. It has a lot of resistances and the Water Absorb and Volt Absorb moves, which make it a good fighter all around.

8. Horsea

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Horsea

Horsea is a fish Pokémon that has been around since Generation I. It is a cute Pokémon. At level 32, it changes into Seafra, and if Seafra is sold while holding a Dragon Scale, it will evolve into Kingdra.

This Pokémon looks like a seahorse. It has a mouth that looks like a siphon, and its dorsal fin helps it swim quickly through the water.

If Horsea feels danger, it can spray thick ink or water from its mouth, and it can also shoot so accurately that it can hit insects flying above the surface.

Horsea has a speed of 60 and a good defense and special attack of 70. Even though it doesn’t have a high HP or attack number, it can do a lot of damage to certain Pokémon with a few hits.

7. Eelektross

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Eelektross

The last form of Tynamo is Eelektross, which is the developed form of an Eeletrik that has been exposed to a Thunder Stone.

This scary creature, which looks like a lamprey and has long tentacle-like appendages, lives in the ocean.

It uses its circular sucker mouth to grab its food, drag it into the deep sea, and shock it before eating it.

Even though Eelektross has never been in a Pokémon game, it has been one of the best fish Pokémon to catch since Generation V.

This fish Pokémon has an attack number of 115 for great attacks and 105 for special attacks. During fight, it can land more than a few hits and do a lot of damage.

Aside from that, no type is known to be weak against it, but it is resistant to Steel, Electric, and Flying kinds.

6. Seadra

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Seadra

This fish Pokémon looks like a seahorse. It evolves from Horsea at level 32 and becomes Kingdra when it trades a Dragon Scale for a Dragon Scale.

It can make whirlpools to catch its prey, and it will wait until its prey is too tired to try to get away before eating it whole with its long snout.

Seadra has a good defense of 95 and a special attack of 95. It is a Water-type Pokémon, but its poison point ability makes it look like it is a Poison type.

This ability makes Seadra a good choice for trainers who want a poison move but don’t want to give up Seadra’s water-type skills.

5. Dragalge

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Dragalge

Skrelp evolves into Dragalge at level 48, and Dragalge looks like a common sea dragon.

It is very protective of its territory and will shoot poison at anything that comes too close.

This poison is so strong that it can even melt through the metal hulls of ships. Because of this, most ships that sail into its path never come back.

His special defense is 123, and his special attack is 97, which is a good number.

It is also resistant to a good number of types, including Fighting, Bug, Electric, and Fire.

4. Magikarp

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Magikarp

Magikarp is the first fish Pokémon, and since Generation I, it has been a fan favorite.

This Pokémon that looks like a goldfish changes into Gyarados. On its back, it has red-orange scales and a yellow fin that looks like a crown.

Magikarp is a good swimmer and can be found in many different areas of water.

Now, Magikarp is pretty low on the food chain, and most of its ratings are 20 or below, which isn’t very good.

It is fast, though, with a speed number of 80.

The main reason to catch a Magikarp is that when it evolves into a Gyarados, it gets good stats all around, making it a great go-to fighter.

3. Mega Sharpedo

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Mega Sharpedo

Mega Sharpendo is a Sharpedo that used the Sharpedonite to go through a Mega Evolution.

Mega Sharpendo looks like a blue shark with bright gold spots when it is in this form.

This Pokémon is feared by many because it is a threat to coral reefs and the Bully of the Sea. In its Mega Form, it has explosive power that lets it move at 125 miles per hour in an instant.

Mega Sharpendo has great attack stats: 140 for attack, 110 for special attack, and 105 for speed.

This Pokémon can easily beat its opponents, and this big beast is one of the best pocket monsters to add to your team if you can.

2. Kingdra

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Kingdra

Kingdra is the evolved form of Seadra. This happens when Seadra is sold while holding a Dragon Scale.

This Pokémon, which looks like a seahorse, evolved into its last form, which is all blue except for the yellow scales on its belly.

It can shoot a powerful jet of water from its thin snout, and when it yawns, it can cause strong undercurrents that can sink small ships.

Kingdra is a very well-rounded Pokémon. It has a 95 in every category except HP and Speed, where it has a 75 and an 85.

Even though Kingdra is weak against Dragon-type Pokémon and Fairy-type Pokémon, it is a strong fighter and can help players through a lot of tough tasks.

1. Sharpedo

Best Fish Pokemon Of All Time Sharpedo

Sharpedo, which has been around since Gen III, is by far the best fish Pokémon.

This Pokémon is not someone you want to meet on the high seas. It evolves from Carvanha at level 30.

This shark has the shape of a torpedo, and its mouth is full of scary teeth that, according to the Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen Pokedex, can even cut through iron.

It can also shoot out seawater to move faster than 75 miles per hour through the water.

With attack stats of 120, special attack stats of 95, and speed stats of 95, this Pokémon is a big hitter that can scare anything that stands in its way.

Even though it has some weaknesses, it is still one of the best fish Pokémon you can get on your team.

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