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15 Ugliest Pokémon Of All Time



Ugliest Pokemon 1

Pokemon is a brand that runs on imagination. If the artists at Pokemon stop being creative, the Pokemon brand will start to go downhill, and so will the designs of Pokemon.

So, everyone knows that the Pokemon company puts a lot of thought into how the new Pokemon look. But sometimes designs that look bad make it to the final result, but there’s a reason for that.

Many Pokemon fans like to put Pokemon into groups based on their abilities, types, colors, styles, where they came from, etc. One of these categories could be for Pokemon with bad designs, or “ugly Pokemon,” if you will.

These are the Pokemon that you don’t want at your party.

Not that their powers are bad; some of the worst-designed Pokemon have powers that are good enough to compete with those of legendaries. Still, you can’t ignore how they look.

So, we decided to make a list of the Pokemon that people thought were the ugly.

We don’t want to take anything away from how great each design is, but… Some of the animals on this list are just plain ugly, which you might think is a sign of great design.

So, let’s look at the most ugly Pokemon.

15. Drowzee

Ugliest Pokémon

The first thing on our list is a Pokémon that always looks like it’s been smoking too much weed.

Drowzee is a psychic-type Pokémon that has been entertaining players ever since he was released in Generation I.

This Pokémon walks on two legs and has eyes that look tired and a small, floppy nose like a tapir.

Dowzee’s head and top half of its body are yellow. The rest of its body, except for its two-toed feet, is brown.

This Pokémon is special because it can make people fall asleep and then eat their dreams.

Yes, this ugly Pokémon does eat dreams, but it prefers happy dreams because it gets sick if it eats bad ones.

Drowzee doesn’t usually eat the dreams of adults. Instead, it likes to eat the dreams of kids, which is kind of creepy.

It also eats people’s dreams through their eyes, so it will stand right over a sleeping person, just inches away from their face.

Basically, this Pokémon is the franchise’s version of a monster that makes you sleepy and can’t move, and we’re so not into it.

14. Omastar

Omastar 1

How do I even begin to talk about Omastar? Even though many people think it’s “cute,” it has the worst look of all the Pokemon based on aquatic animals.

It protects itself with its shell and the rest of its body.

There’s nothing wrong with it, but as soon as you look into its scary eyes, you know it’s an angry, ugly Pokemon.

I mean, the Pokemon went extinct because it couldn’t carry the weight of its own shell and couldn’t catch food because of that. It died of starvation in a world with millions of other living things.

I know that doesn’t explain why this Pokemon is one of the ugliest, but I had to say it!

13. Feebas

Feebas 1

Feebas is a Pokémon that lives in water. It looks like Spongebob’s parents if they were fish.

This Pokémon has all the standard weaknesses and strengths for water-types, but it doesn’t look very good.

This Pokémon was introduced in Generation III. Its body is light brown with dark spots that make it look like a sad chocolate chip cookie.

Even Pokémon that hunt it tend to ignore it because it looks so sad. They probably think it has a hard enough life as it is.

Even trainers and scientists usually don’t pay much attention to Feebas because it is so ugly and not very interesting.

Even so, Feebas is very strong and can live almost anywhere and eat almost anything.

It is often found in places with only a little water, where it is easy to catch because it is not very smart.

But despite how it looks, this Pokémon is able to glow up in a way that most of us can only dream of.

This Pokémon can change into Milotic, one of the most beautiful Pokémon in the series, if its beauty level is high enough.

Starting in Generation V, it could also evolve when traded while holding a Prism Scale, which made this ugly boy very famous.

12. Natu

Natu 1

Natu looks like what young kids draw when they try to draw an overweight bird. This parrot-like bird in Pokemon has no shape, and it’s probably the least efficient bird I’ve ever seen.

Its face is its whole body, and for some reason, its eyes are so thin and big. Just looking at the front of this bird in the game is enough to give you the creeps.

Natu’s green and red color scheme isn’t anything to be proud of either. It looks like a watermelon in the woods.

It has a yellowish tint to its wing, which adds another color to the red and green. But Natu can’t even fly with these wings because they don’t work.

So, its wings don’t really do anything. Because of that and the fact that it makes us have bad dreams, it’s on this list of the ugly Pokemon.

11. Weezing

Weezing 1

Weezing is just plain ugly, and it doesn’t look any better after it evolves.

Weezing is a poison-type Pokémon with two heads that are joined together. One head is bigger than the other, and both have dull faces and teeth that stick out.

This Pokémon has crater-like bumps all over its body that constantly belch out smelly yellow gas.

Each head has a different kind of gas, and when they are mixed, the smell and toxicity of the gas gets even worse.

Yes, all of this doesn’t make this ugly Pokémon sound any better than it did when you first saw it.

Weezings will look for the dirtiest place to live, which is usually an abandoned, dirty house in an urban area.

These Pokémon also eat dust, germs, and gases given off by toxic trash and garbage that is starting to rot, which is probably better than eating children’s dreams.

In the Galar area, Weezing have changed so that they can clean the air by taking in pollution and letting it out through their heads.

But poisonous gas still floats around the bottoms of the Galar Weezing’s heads, which can stop enemies in their tracks almost right away.

At level 35, this Pokémon changes into Koffing. Its look doesn’t change much, but it does lose one of its heads.

10. Lileep

Lileep 1

The next Pokemon looks like a flower but isn’t a flower. It looks like an octopus, but it’s not. It looks like a tree, but it’s not. Obviously, I’m talking about Lileep.

I don’t know what the creator was thinking when he made a Lileep. It doesn’t even look like a Pokemon; it looks like something you might find on the beach.

Is it looking at you from the top of its head or from its chest?

Who knows, but every time I see it, I want to kick it across the beach even more. I put this ugly Pokemon on the list because its form isn’t very innovative.

9. Barbaracle

Barbaracle 1

This Pokémon is made of both rock and water, which is not a good thing.

This two-legged Pokémon was introduced in Generation VI. It is made of two rock pieces joined by a thin orange tube-like waist.

It has four long, skinny arms that stick out from the bottom and top of the top rock piece. Its head looks like a big hand.

Each of its limbs can move on its own, and each one has an eye, kind of like the pale man from Pan’s Labyrinth.

Barbaracle isn’t so much ugly as confusing to look at, mostly because he’s made in such an awkward way.

Even though it’s not as creepy as Drowzee, something about the eyes on Barbaracle’s hands is disturbing.

Did we also mention that each limb actually has its own mind? Yes, that’s a little scary.

This Pokémon is definitely not going to win any beauty contests, especially when compared to the cutest Dog Pokémon.

8. Binacle

Binacle 1

The first time I saw Binnacle’s design, I couldn’t stop laughing. I couldn’t believe the creators would let something like this into the series.

I know that the Pokemon is based on goose barnacles, which aren’t very interesting, but they could have done a much better job.

Binacle just looks like two hands sticking out of a rock, mad at each other like a couple who has been together for 40 years.

As I write this, I still don’t know what it’s supposed to be.

7. Gurrdurr

Gurrdurr 1

Gurrdurr is a fighting-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation V. Oh boy, he’s ugly.

This Pokémon is the evolved form of Timburr. It walks on two legs and has swollen features, like vein-like bumps on its grey skin.

It is stocky and has strong arms and legs. Its head is bumpy, and it has a big, swollen red nose.

This Pokémon is often seen carrying a big I-beam, which it uses to build up its strength and get even bigger.

Gurrdurr is basically the Pokémon version of a muscled gym bro who grunts loudly and brags about his gains.

This Pokémon has even bragged about how strong it is to Machoke, which is also a strong Pokémon.

Still, its workout routine must be good, because a team of professional fighters couldn’t move a Gurrdurr if they tried.

Even so, it is still one of the weirdest Pokémon in the series, so it deserves to be on our list.

6. Bruxish

Bruxish 1

Bruxish lives in the Alola area, where there are a lot of water Pokemon, most of which look like fish.

But Bruxish is so ugly that calling it a Pokemon based on fish would be an insult to fish everywhere.

I get that the name “Bruxish” is a play on the word “bruxism,” which means “the tendency to grind your teeth,” but that doesn’t mean you’ll give it teeth like a demon’s or lips like a barbie’s!

And why do its eyebrows look so big? Is Gamefreak trying to make it look like something seductive?

That makes this Pokemon even stranger than it already was. And as if its features weren’t bad enough, the artist gave this little fish the most bizarre mix of colors.

Where should I look first: blue, yellow, pink, or purple?

5. Flapple


I used to think Dragon-type Pokemon were the coolest, as I hadn’t seen a single lousy dragon-type Pokemon design.

Almost every dragon-type was a fan favourite in every generation, and rightfully so, they’re literally dragons; who doesn’t love dragons!

But then I stumbled upon this Grass/Dragon type from the eighth generation games, and my outlook changed totally, some would argue that this isn’t ugly and in fact cute, which we are more than happy to agree with, but imagine if this Pokemon turned up in real life? Ugly.

A dragon, which takes design elements from an apple? A dragon should be based on a legendary monster from folk tales around the world, not an apple.

An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but in this case, I’d instead go to a doctor than be anywhere near this creature.

It is the final form of Applin, which looks like an apple; in its final form, it just grows taller and has the same apple above and below its body.

And hear this out, it uses this apple to hide in the wild by closing the upper and lower parts.

Next up, we’ll get a banana-inspired Dragon that peels its skin back up to hide in the wild; c’mon Gamefreak, you can do better!

4. Garbodor

Garbodor 1

This Pokémon is trash, and we’re not just saying that to hurt its feelings.

Garbodor is a level 36 Pokémon that evolves from Trubbish. It was introduced in Generation V.

This Pokémon stands out because it looks just like trash that has gotten out of a torn trash bag.

It has a big, round body with blue and pink bumps. Its left arm is held together with pieces of rebar, and its right hand has tubes coming out of it.

Two gross-looking pigtails or pompoms made of trash stick out from the top of its head.

Garbodor can shoot harmful gas and liquid from the tubes on its right hand. The liquid can kill weak enemies right away.

The Pokémon likes to live in dirty places, like trash dumps, where it eats trash to get bigger.

Garbodor can also make poisonous gases inside its body because it eats trash. What it eats determines what kind it is.

Even though this trash heap Pokémon has been in some of the best Pokémon games ever, it’s hard to find anything cute about it.

3. Dracovish

Dracovish 1

The eighth generation really buried my love for dragons so deep that I’ll never be able to find it again.

If you’re not sure which generation is which, you can check out all Pokemon games in order.

Another Dragon-type Pokemon that was ruined was a fossil dragon type that had so much promise, but Gamefreak changed it to this…

It looks like something big bit into its stomach and then left it alone.

It really does look like a person in a costume. Just look at its head—it doesn’t belong to that green body.

I know this was done on purpose, but the makers still did a great job of making this thing look bad.

This is without a doubt one of the most ugly Pokemon.

2. Probopass

Probopass 1

How do we even begin to talk about this Pokémon? Probopass is by far one of the strangest-looking Pokémon that has ever lived.

Nosepass changes into Probopass when it levels up in a magnetic field or is near a Thunder Stone. Probopass was introduced in Generation IV.

This rock/steel Pokémon looks like a big Moai figure with beady eyes and a huge red magnetic nose.

It also has a bushy iron-sand beard on its back that looks more like nose hair than anything else.

Probopass has three small noses on its body and a big red magnet that looks like a hat on its head.

Probopass can catch prey and fight enemies from all directions with its weird little noses, but sometimes these noses can get lost.

This Pokémon can also send out a strong magnetic field that it can use to lift nearby objects or destroy them.

Probopass is in a lot of games, but the last one he was in was Legends: Arceus, where he kept freaking people out.

1. Jynx

Jynx 1

If you thought that we wouldn’t put Jynx at the top of this list of the ugliest Pokemon, you were totally wrong.

Jynx is the Pokemon that has been the most constant. No matter who makes the list, it has always been at the top, and rightly so.

Why is a Pokemon trying to make itself look like a woman? It gives me the creeps, and many of the best Pokemon ROM hacks use her as an evil Pokemon because of this.

I can still remember the first time I saw Jynx in the cartoon. It scared me because it looked like Nicki Minaj jumped right into an anime TV show with her emotionless face, big lips, and blonde hair.

And if that wasn’t enough, many people say that this Pokemon was based on cartoons with blackfaces, which made Pokemon fans angry many years ago.

Some people think it looks like a drag queen. Either way, it’s not the best Pokemon.

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