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15 Slowest Pokémon of All Time



slowest pokemon

The Speed stat is more than just a measure of how fast a Pokemon is. It also decides which Pokemon goes first when they fight.

If two Pokemon have the same Speed, the one that goes first is chosen at chance. If you give a Pokemon Carbos, you can raise its Speed number.

Carbos cost a lot of money, but they can make the difference between winning and losing a Pokemon fight.

As you might have guessed, many of the Pokemon that move the slowest are still in the baby stage of their development.

This isn’t always true, though, because slowest Pokemon can also be grown up. These are the Pokemon that move the most slowly.

The slowest Pokemon are often the cutest, but they can also be the most annoying. We’ve added a few more things to this list, whether you want to use them or not.

15. Wooper

Slowest Pokémon

Wooper is a Pokemon that is a Water Fish. It has no arms and always smiles.

This friendly guy can be used in a number of ways in fight and is good as a bigger Pokemon.

Of course, like many other big water-types, Wooper is also very slow because of its size.

Wooper’s base speed is 15, which is the same as a number of other Pokemon.

But if Wooper has good defense typing, it won’t need to be fast to fight back; it will always be able to do so.

14. Sandygast


The bodies of Sandygast are made of people’s unbroken sand castles from the beach.

Sandygast have no known need or ability to move because they can only live in the sand.

Even though they can’t move around much, they have a reputation for being strong.

People think Alolan Sandygast are so scary that putting your hand through your mouth is a brave way to show you don’t fear them.

Which makes me wonder if speed is really a good number to have if you want to scare off your enemies.

13. Silcoon

Silcoon 1

Silcoon is the shell that a Wurmple needs to make in order to turn into a Beautifly.

These Pokémon don’t last long because they can only evolve after three levels.

During this time, Silcoon will live in the tops of trees and cover itself in silk to keep enemies away.

This time of resting helps them save energy, so they don’t need to move.

Because they have big eyes, they can keep a close eye out for danger and use their average defense to protect themselves.

But it’s all worth it to be a great Beautifly one day.

12. Foongus

Foongus 1

Foongus is a Grass/Poison type Pokemon that looks like a mushroom.

This Pokemon’s Speed is also so slow that it makes people wonder if the people who made it were mad at it.

Even its other numbers aren’t that good. It gets the Effect Spore skill at least.

This Pokemon has some pretty strong attack moves, like Giga Drain and Solar Beam, but it has a low Speed rating.

Sometimes it makes sense to stop a Pokemon from evolving into a stronger form so it can learn the best moves faster.

Don’t treat Foongus that way. Change it as soon as you can.

11. Roggenrola

Roggenrola 1

Roggenrola have bodies as hard as steel because they lived underground and couldn’t move around much.

They can move around with their feet, but they are not used to going faster.

These guys are so much like Wooper, but their speed is only 15.

On the other hand, they hear very well. This is done so that anyone who might want to fight can be heard.

Even though they might be useful in fight, they won’t attack first.

10. Pineco


The Johto base form of Pineco, the Bagworm Pokemon, is just as slow as the other Johto base forms.

It’s not the slowest Bug-type Pokémon because Silcoon and Cascoon are also slow, but it’s still pretty slow.

Its evolved form, Forretress, isn’t much faster, but it loves to throw rocks and spin around.

Pineco is another slow Pokemon with a big body. Its offensive skills, on the other hand, aren’t very good, so even in Little Cup events, Pineco won’t do much besides help out.

Even so, this cute little friend can still be dangerous, even though it’s not very fast.

9. Morelull

Morelull 1

Morelull and Foongus are both fungi, but Morelull tends to move around more so it doesn’t use up all the nutrients in the plants around it.

At night, they only need a small amount of food, so they spend the rest of the day slowly moving to a new place where there is more food.

Even though their roots look like feet, they are used to moving by growing into the ground, which is a very slow process.

Even though Morelull has been moving around more, it moves just as slowly as Foongus.

One good thing about this is that when they are in trouble, they release spores from the tops of their heads.

This makes it less important for them to move quickly in battle.

8. Igglybuff


Igglybuff is cute, but it doesn’t move very fast or very far.

This little Pokemon shows that it can move as slowly as a snail.

We knew it was a baby Pokemon, but we couldn’t believe how fast it was.

When it becomes a Jigglypuff, its Speed goes up a little bit.

Some Pokemon are born to be fast, while others are born to be slow.

Igglybuff’s base Speed number is 15, which doesn’t come as a surprise given how fat its feet are.

7. Stakataka

Stakataka 1

These Pokémon look crazy, but they are called “Ultra Beasts” and are among the largest Pokémon.

Because they are Ultra Beasts, they can use wormholes to get where they need to go instead of moving their bodies.

Because of how heavy they are, they don’t need to move quickly to stay strong, so they tend to stand still most of the time.

Stakataka will shake all over if something is on top of them, but their starting speed is only 13.

6. Bonsly


Sudowoodo’s baby form is slow, like a lot of other Pokemon when they are young.

Bonsly is so slow because its legs aren’t fully grown and it doesn’t pay attention.

Based on its numbers, a Bonsly has 10 Speed.

That’s low for a baby Pokemon, but it’s so cute that we can’t hate it.

Bonsly looks like a small tree, but it is a Rock-type, so you shouldn’t water it.

Bonsly cries when he gets too much water or when he is covered in it.

5. Trapinch

Trapinch 1

Trapinch makes sand nests where it waits for its prey to come in. This makes it easy for them to find food.

They can go for more than a week without water, so they are happy to stay in their nests for a long time and don’t move around much.

Even though their development, Vibrava, has a speed stat of 70, which is pretty fast, their speed stat is only 10.

Trapinch is one of the slowest Pokémon, but unlike most of them, it doesn’t have a high defense number to make up for it.

Even so, they have a decent attack stat that helps them in fight, which is nice.

4. Ferroseed


Fertilizer seed moves by rolling. As a Pokemon with spikes, it makes sense that rolling is harder than it sounds.

One of the fastest Pokemon we’ve seen so far is Ferroseed. Most users won’t want to carry around a Pokemon with spikes and metal.

It is a Pokemon that is part Grass type and part Steel type. Unexpectedly, a Ferroseed weighs about 41.4 pounds.

Ferroseed first showed up in Generation 5 of the main series Pokemon games. With its spikes, it can poke holes in rock walls to soak up minerals.

3. Pyukumuku

Pyukumuku 1

Pyukumuku will spend some time moving to find a comfortable spot, but once they do, they will try to stay there forever.

Even going back to it if you have to move.

Even when there is nothing left to eat in their favorite spot, they won’t move because they don’t want to.

This pattern was inspired by a sea cucumber, so it makes sense.

When Pyukumuku wash up on the beach, people will throw them back into the water so they don’t starve and can go back to where they belong.

2. Shuckle


Shuckle is known for keeping berries in its shell, and it would rather be in the woods than on the beach.

When it feels threatened, it pulls its head and legs back into its shell.

The turtle Pokemon, Shuckle, is the slowest one we’ve seen so far.

Shuckle is one of three Pokemon that all have a base Speed stat of five, which means they are all the fastest.

Shuckle doesn’t depend on its Speed because it has a very high Defense number.

Like the Pokemon Metapod, Shuckle doesn’t do well in fight, but it’s still a great Pokemon.

1. Munchlax


It’s not surprising that Munchlax is number one on our list, since both it and Snorlax are known for being lazy.

Both of them would rather spend most of their time sleeping or eating.

Munchlax will move freely when they are looking for food, but this is the only time they do so. Sounds a lot like Snorlax Jr., which is pretty much what it is.

Because of how they live, Munchlax have high HP, so they are hard to kill in fight, even though they are probably the slowest to attack.

But if you keep this guy on your team long enough for him to grow, you’ll end up with a tank that can roll over almost anything.

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