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15 Best Alolan Pokémon of All Time



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If they haven’t already, people should start to agree that Generation Seven is one of the best in the Pokemon series.

With better stories and new ways to fight, games like Sun and Moon and their Ultra sequels took the series a big step forward.

Even the Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee games earn credit for getting the series ready for its full move to the Switch.

But the region it came from and the Pokemon that came with it might be the generation’s most important addition.

Alola is not only home to some of the most well-known Pokemon in the world, but also to some of the strongest Pokemon used in professional play.

You could argue that the Alolan Pokémon below are truly elite because they all have a lot to offer high-level competition teams.

15. Salazzle

Best Alolan Pokémon

Salazzle’s pre-evolution, Salandit, can only change into Salazzle if it’s a girl. This is a new and really cool feature.

In the end, this means that Salazzle is a species that is 100% female.

Salazzle uses its female energy to make a harmful gas that makes male Salandit want to come near it.

This is a pretty smart way to live, if I do say so myself, since the male Salandit will bring food to the female Salazzzle.

14. Tsareena

Tsareena 1

Tsareena is another Pokémon that is made up of only girls.

Tsareena was made to look like a plant with human traits, and she is very aware of the people around her.

She can tell when someone is trying to do something bad and will punish them, even if they are her teacher.

Even though Tsareena looks beautiful, she is cruel in battle. She will laugh and keep hitting opponents even after they have been defeated.

It would probably be best to catch one of these and bring her with you as you travel.

13. Sandshrew

Sandshrew 1

Many of the other Alolan regional forms changed one of their types or added a new type, but the Sandshrew’s Alolan version is completely different from its original form.

What used to be a ground-type Pokémon turns into a pair with ice and steel. That’s cool!

This big change is because Alolan Sandshrew had to move to snowy mountains because there were too many volcanoes in the deserts where they used to live.

Due to this wild change, new Alolan Sandshrew are now a color called “ice blue.” With their thick shells, they look almost like little igloos.

Now, they are thicker and heavier to keep out the cold, which is also a good way to protect yourself in fight.

12. Stufful

Stufful 1

Despite how they look, Stufful hate being hugged because they feel like they’re being crushed.

This cute bear-like animal is probably the cutest of all.

Even though I keep saying that about all the Alolan Pokémon on this list…

It does evolve at level 27, and when it does, its stats get a big boost.

So, if you want to add this cute monster to your team, you should definitely evolve it as soon as you can.

11. Primarina

Primarina 1

The last form of Popplio, the water-starter of this age. I have to say that I really like it!

Primarina is a water and fairy type that is very strong. This Pokémon looks like a cross between a sea lion and a mermaid.

It loves to use drama in battle and can control water balloons with its beautiful singing voice.

Its voice can also be used to lead a whole colony in a song, which fits perfectly with Primarina’s desire to be the center of attention.

10. Oricorio

Oricorio 1

This very interesting creature can change into three different shapes besides its base form.

This is done by drinking the juice from flowers, and each form can be found on a different island in the Alola region.

Each form also has its own set of types. The original Oricorio only knows how to fly.

Oricorio can be a fire and flying type with Pom-Pom Style, an electric and flying type with Pa’U Style, and a ghost and flying type with Sensu Style.

Each one also looks very different, which is pretty cool since they all have their own take on this strange bird.

9. Kommo-o

Kommo o 1

Kommo-o is such a strong Pokémon that it is called a “pseudo-legendary” because of its high base stats and great moveset.

This dragon and fighting duo is made to look like a reptile, and it has big, round scales that work as armor to make it stronger.

Kommo-o know how powerful they are and will only fight worthy and strong opponents.

If an opponent isn’t worthy, it will smash its scales together in the hopes that the noise will scare them away.

8. Marowak

Marowak 1

All of the other regional variant evolutions on this list come from an Alolan pre-evolution, but the Alolan Marowak comes from any normal Cubone evolving at night.

Since this creature has a, um, sad past, it makes sense.

Marowak’s new look is very different. Its body is now black, and there is a mark on its head that looks like a flame between its eyes.

Their skull mark is used to light up a bone that is often used in fight.

7. Exeggutor

The most well-known Alolan variety is Alolan Exeggutor. It’s because of the neck, I guess.

So, their long necks look like palm trees, and they fit right in with the style of Alola.

The sun in this area makes their necks grow because there is so much of it.

They have also grown a second head in the back, which helps them defend themselves because they can see in every direction.

The grass type of this awesome Alolan form stays the same, but the mental type changes to dragon.

It is the only Pokémon known to be able to learn Dragon Hammer (well, except for Tropius, but that’s going to be hard).

6. Marshadow


This Pokémon, like Mew and Celebi, is considered a legendary Pokémon because it is seen so rarely that people in the Pokémon world aren’t even sure if it exists.

This rare fighting and ghost type Pokémon has a body that looks like a person and is covered in grey flames that look almost like a body on fire. It’s pretty tough.

When Marshdow is angry, these fires turn green, so keep an eye out for that.

5. Silvally


Usually, legendary Pokémon can’t change, but Silvally is an exception.

After years of being tested on, Type: Null, a hard-to-understand Pokémon with an odd name, evolved into this Pokémon.

When the odd Type: Null Pokémon is trained up and has a high friendship, it turns into the fully realized and legendary Pokémon Silvally.

Silvally is a rare Pokémon to have in your party because it can only evolve if it trusts and gets along with its master. Also, very hard to bring up.

Silvally is a normal type, but it can learn moves from many different types, such as ghost, dark, steel, water, and others.

4. Raichu

Raichu 1

Raichu might be a cute Pokémon just by itself.

But the version in Alolan is even cuter!

Raichu has more rounded features, lighter colors, and bright blue eyes. He even uses his lightning-bolt tail as a surfboard to help him move through the air.

In true Alolan style, of course.

In addition to the changes to its body, Raichu is now a psychic type as well as an electric type.

This makes him both cute and dangerously strong. In war, you’ll want this little guy on your side.

3. Lunala


If you are playing Pokémon Sun, you are out of luck because Cosmoem can only change into Lunala in Pokémon Moon or Ultra Moon.

This creature is very well made. It looks like a bat with wings that are shaped like a crescent moon.

Because it absorbs light, this part of Lunala’s body looks different based on how much light is around.

Lunala can also fuse with a different Pokémon, Necrozma, to make Dawn Wings Necrozma, which is a unique power.

Lunala is a monster with a beautiful appearance and a lot of power.

It can learn moves from almost all types, including regular, fairy, psychic, flying, electric, ghost, fire, ice, grass, and fighting. A truly versatile friend.

2. Rowlet


This little guy is kind of like a new Hoothoot from Gen 7. But let me be honest: I think I like Rowlet even better!

He is a cute little owl with two leaves on his chest and a heart full of love.

Except when fighting in battle, of course. If you keep at it and level it up, this thing can be pretty powerful.

It also comes out at night, so you are more likely to see one at night. Just one more reason to get both games and start playing.

1. Ninetails

Ninetails 1

The Alolan Ninetails builds on what Vulpix did by changing its type to ice and fairy.

It can learn strong moves like Dream Eater and Blizzard, which is a big change from generations past.

Alolan Ninetails lives on the holy ground of Mount Lanakila and is very protective of the packs of Vulpix in the area.

They are very pretty Pokémon. Their blue fur flows and their tails wiggle behind them.

Sun & Moon is by far my favorite just because of how it looks, but adding a Ninetails to your team gives the game a whole new feel.

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