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12 Best & Only Bear Pokemon in Series



Bear Pokemon 1

With each new generation of the Pokémon brand, hundreds of new and unforgettable Pokémon are introduced, and fans continue to return for more.

Many Pokémon in video games and anime adaptations are based on real animals, not only in appearance but also in personality.

Bear Pokémon are especially common, appearing in practically every video game installment in the franchise.

From delightfully cuddly to terrifyingly deadly, every Pokémon fan has likely encountered some of these famous bear Pokémon on their quest to “catch ’em all.”

So, in this article, I’d like to give my recommendations for Bear Pokémon. They’re all here, from enormous and scary to teddy bear sized and cuddly, with lots of iconic names we all know and adore.

12. Kubfu

Bear Pokemon

Fans of the Pokémon anime may not know much about Kubfu because this bear Pokémon doesn’t show up very often on TV and isn’t even popular in the games.

Kubfu is a legendary Fighting-type Pokémon that was first seen in Pokémon Sword & Shield.

Kubfu will evolve in different ways in the Pokémon video games based on whether the player trains it in the Tower of Darkness or the Tower of Waters.

But Kubfu is so cute by itself that it almost seems like a waste to grow it.

11. Munchlax

Munchlax 1

The Munchlax is a normal-type baby Pokémon that was first seen in the 117th episode of the Advanced Generation series, Berry, Berry Interesting! It was first released in Generation IV.

It looks like a dark blue and green baby bear. It has a smooth belly and big, round eyes.

We all know it as Snorlax, and this is its baby form. And just like its end form, the Munchlax eats almost anything it comes across, even bad food. Talk about how bears usually act.

Munchlax, on the other hand, is always on the move looking for food, while Snorlax is sleepy.

Many people think that Munchlax was modeled after a bear cub, both because of how it looks and because it likes honey.

This little tyke is most often seen in Sinnoh, but it has been seen in many generations after that.

Certain types of plants can be easily lured by putting honey on them. Another way to get one is to breed a Snorlax and let that cute little Munchlax egg hatch.

10. Cubchoo

Cubchoo 1

You might be able to relate to this frozen cub if you’ve ever been stuck outside in the cold without a jacket.

Cubchoo is an Ice-type bear Pokemon with a runny nose all the time, as its name suggests.

Some people might find it weird that Cubchoo is based on cold symptoms, but the designer used this idea to make the Pokemon look cute and well-thought-out.

You should definitely think about adding this cub to your team if you like Ice-type Pokemon. Just make sure you have a tissue or ten handy.

9. Pancham

Pancham 1

In the Pokémon games, Pancham is one of the cutest fluffy bears. This baby Pokémon was first shown in the 47th episode of the XY series, which was in Generation VI.

What does this first type of Pangoro look like? A panda cub. Its head and tail are white, and the top parts of its chest are jet black. The rest of its body is grayish. The usual bear color scheme.

This little guy has a small leaf in its mouth, just like its later form. Pancham doesn’t think this leaf is very important.

A bigger and stronger Pangoro is thought to take the leaf away from Pancham whenever it does something wrong.

Pancham tries to look scary by acting like its bigger brothers and sisters, but most of the time it just looks really cute. I’d love to have one of these little guys in my house!

8. Beartic

Beartic 1

Wow, this monster really does look scary!

Beartic is an Ice-type Pokemon that looks like a polar bear. It first showed up in Pokemon Black and White, which are gen five games.

If you train a Cubchoo (that wasn’t strong enough to make the top ten!) to level 37, you’ll get a Beartic. It’s well worth the work!

A Beartic’s best numbers are its Attack and HP, but its Defense and Sp. Def are also pretty good. It was only a little let down by Sp. Atk and Speed.

That Attack number, on the other hand, really puts it in the top half of the list of the best Bear Pokemon. Plus, the fact that it grows quickly is another plus!

7. Ursaring

Ursaring 1

This normal-type Pokémon is Teddiursa’s evolved form, and it looks a lot scarier!

This Pokémon has a yellow circle on its belly and always looks angry, like a tall brown bear.

If this Pokémon is near a peat block in Hisui during a full moon, it can change into the ground/normal type Ursaluna.

As Ursaluna, this Pokémon looks like a cross between a bear and an armadillo, which is still really cute.

It also gets more defense, attack, and health, but it loses speed. This is a fair trade-off, to be honest.

But Ursaring has a great attack stat of 130 even without this evolution, so it is a strong hitter.

Both of its special attack and defense skills are set to 75, which means it’s pretty good all around.

That being said, it moves pretty slowly—only 55—but it can do a lot of damage when hit.

This Pokémon is one of the best bear Pokémon you can find, and it works in both Gold and Silver and Scarlet and Violet.

6. Teddiursa

Teddiursa 1

Teddiursa, which is called the “Little Bear” Pokemon, lives up to its name.

The crescent moon-shaped mark on this Pokemon’s forehead and its love of honey make it stand out. The mark even glows when the Pokemon finds its favorite food.

Teddiursa will even steal honey from Combee nests because it loves honey so much.

This little bear Pokemon has one of the cutest looks in the series. Its simple design makes it look like a bear cub.

5. Pangoro

Pangoro 1

The last form that Pancham can change into is Pangoro, which is much scarier. This Pokémon more than lives up to its name as the Daunting Pokémon.

It is almost seven feet tall and weighs just under 300 pounds. However, Pokémon, like real life, lets you down when you least expect it.

Pangoros may look scary, but they’re actually kind to people who are kind, and they don’t like it when people are mean.

A Pangoro shows in the episode “The Bamboozling Forest!” that it can teach and care for two younger Panchams while also being a great fighter.

4. Snorlax

Snorlax 1

Snorlax is one of the most famous and well-known Pokemon in the series. It is a big, bear-like Pokemon that is known for being sleepy.

It first showed up in Generation 1 as a Pokemon that stood still and blocked Routes 12 and 16.

Even though it might get in the way of your progress, this route blocker is hard to dislike because of its cute design and easygoing attitude.

This Pokemon has played many parts in the series since its first appearance. In Gen 4, it was on Barry’s team, and in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, it was a static Alpha Pokemon.

3. Stufful

Stufful 1

Stufful is a cute bear Pokemon that came out in Generation 7. It looks a lot like a stuffed bear. It has soft fur like a teddy bear, but you shouldn’t pet it without first asking.

Inside Pokemon Moon’s Pokedex, it says that if someone other than a known friend touches it, it will become very angry.

It has a lot of power, but its small body can’t handle it, so it often falls over when it does moves like Brutal Swing.

If you can get close to this Pokemon, even if it’s hesitant at first, it will be worth it because it’s strong and you can pet it.

2. Urshifu

Urshifu 1

This is Urshiful, a legendary Fighting-type Pokémon that was added in Gen VIII.

This Pokémon looks like a big bear walking on two legs. It is strong and has big paws for hitting other Pokémon.

If you show Urshifu a scroll in the Towers of the Twin Fists or a Scroll of Waters or a Scroll of Darkness, it will change into something else.

No matter what scroll it was introduced to, Urshifu can get a secondary type that is either water or dark.

It is a fighting/dark type in single strike and a fighting/water type in fast strike.

The Pokémon in question has strong stats that don’t change depending on its form, which makes picking a form easy.

Its attack number is 130, and its defense and health are both 100. This makes Urshifu a very strong pet.

With a speed stat of 97, this Pokémon is also very fast, which lets it often make the first move in battle.

In its single-strike form, Urshifu can’t be hurt by psychic types of attacks, but it can be hurt by rock, ghost, and dark kinds.

It is, however, weak against fighting, flying, and fairy-type attacks, so it won’t work against them and is likely to take more damage.

This Pokémon is also safe from rock, bug, steel, fire, water, ice, and dark-type moves when it changes into its rapid strike form.

Also, flying, grass, electric, psychic, and fairy-type attacks are not very strong against it, so keep that in mind during fight.

When used properly, both of these forms can be very powerful, which is one reason why this bear Pokémon is so popular.

We strongly suggest that you evolve this Pokémon if you have the Sword and Shield expansion pass. It is very powerful!

1. Bewear

Bewear 1

Stufful evolves into Bewear at level 27, becoming another large ursine normal/fighting Pokémon introduced in the Sun and Moon era.

Bewear features headband-like ears on both sides of its head. Its head, tail, and back retain Stufful’s characteristic pink tint, while the rest of its body is pitch black. This form is notably more challenging to deal with.

Despite its charming appearance, Bewear lives up to its name. Anyone who attempts to cuddle it should ‘beware’ of its undeniable strength.

Apart from legendary Pokémon, Bewear might be the most powerful Pokémon in the entire Alola region, as stated in its Pokédex entry.

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